I have been sea fishing on and off for 40 years but despite my previous experience I benefited greatly from Richard Bucks friendly tuition and guidance on his excellent bass beach fishing course. The whole experience from booking the course right through to gutting the bass we caught at the end of an excellent evenings fishing was brilliant. All equipment, tackle and bait was provided and the chosen location near Newquay was perfect. The course was well structured and took account of individual needs including practical demonstrations as well as hands on tuition. Despite me having many years sea fishing experience I learned new knots, discovered new tackle and rig tips, improved my casting and to top it all caught a my best ever bass during the 4 hour evening session. Altogether a fabulous night. Thanks Richard, I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and guests and will very probably join you for another session soon - Paul Elliott - St Michaels B&B, Marazion

Fishing Course June 2012 - For the complete begininner, you get a complete guide to Fishing from tying hooks and rigging gear, casting and catching techniques, Identifying fishing locations and what to do when you catch a whopper/minnow!
The course was a fun, relaxed and informative afternoon and I now feel
that I could go out and catch fish safely and successfully. The guys at F&F really looked after us and we will certainly be back for the next course. Thanks again Richard! - Dan

Although I have been fishing before I have never had anyone teach me the basics of fishing and this course was perfect for that. From knots to casting everything was covered in an easy to understand way. You could struggle on for years making mistakes and getting frustrated or you could get Richard to show you the right way first time. - Steve

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