Our Ethos

We at Fish and Forage care about the environmental impact of what we eat. The freshness, sustainability and traceability of our food matters. We care about what our food costs. But above all else we care about how it tastes. We're sure this matters to you too. Absolutely nothing can beat properly fresh sea food.

What qualifies as fresh sea food from a supermarket doesn't cut the mustard in our book. Firstly, much of the fish on sale are intensely farmed, with fish being kept in vast concentrations and fed on extremely UN-environmentally friendly pellets. These are generally frozen and shipped over from abroad. The wild fish they sell will generally be an absolute minimum of a week old and often much older. Any angler will tell you that the fish for sale in supermarket could never be classed as fresh. Once you have seen what a mackerel looks like when it comes out of the sea you could never go back.

We are here to enable each and every one of you to catch and prepare your chosen quarry in a safe and proficient manner. Contrary to popular belief, fishing is not difficult. As with everything, there are certain aspects that require a lot of time, effort and patience, but these tend to be more specialist anglers fishing for specimen fish.

Our courses are fun and interactive, with each one of them carefully planned to give you all of the knowledge you will need to catch your own food for years to come.

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