Fish and Forage also provide Team building and corporate days out.

What do we see as team building?

Team building is developing working relationships.
Team building is improving the performance of the team.
Team building is outdoor activities that challenge the individuals within the team.
Team building is about improving motivation, communication, support and trust within a team.

Above all else a Fish and Forage team building day will be an enjoyable and memorable experience but our courses are also designed with several points in mind.

Working relationships will be developed

People have to work together and by doing so colleagues will develop more effective working relationships with team members who are new to the team and with team members who have been part of the team for some time.

Shared positive experience

The whole day is very memorable, team members will be talking about it for the rest of the year. As such colleagues will share a positive and memorable experience which further develops bonds.

Strengths and talents

Everyone gets fully involved in the day and there are lots of different roles so team workers will see their colleagues in a whole new light and will have a greater understanding of their strengths and talents.


Everything during the team building day clearly requires teamwork and as such team members will leave with a greater awareness of how teams work and how to make them work better.


Staff enjoy the day and feel that the company cares about them.

We are able to tailor our courses to suit your requirements and budget so please go ahead and contact us to discuss your individual needs.


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